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Okinawa info.: Kijimuna

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


In Okinawa there's a kind of ubiquitous sprite known as kijimuna, though in the northern area it is called sema or bunagaya. Most all of the stories describe the sprite as a child-like creature with a red face and red hair living in the hollow of big old trees such as the banyan tree (called gajimaru in Okinawa). The kijimuna is said to like fishing, but it dislikes octopus. It also has a penchant for eating the left eye of any fish it catches. Sometimes it carries along a flame or firebrand while walking through the forested foot of the hills and mountains or along the beach. (That wandering light is called kijimunabi "kijimuna firebrand/torch"). Also it has been known to approach a sleeping person, and to press itself on the person's chest making it impossible for the person to get up. Being mysteriously tied down and immobilized like that is called kanashibari in mainland Japan. There are stories of persons who managed to get on good terms with the kijimuna and as a consequence became rich. But when the relationship went sour, the person ended up chasing away the kijimuna by throwing octopus at it. But recently there are few reports of kijimuna being encountered.

Kijimuna (fairies or bogeys) live in villages in Okinawa. In some places people call Kijimuna 'Bunagaya', which means a living thing with a large head. Kijimuna usually live in big old trees,especially Banyan trees. People in Ogimi and Kunigami village, Okinawa, say that Kijimuna are fairies.

Kijimuna are short, like little boys or girls of three or four years old. They have long brown/red hairs that cover all of their bodies. Kijimuna come out from the big trees in the evening, and sometimes attack people. They then cover the person with their bodies. Women usually get covered by male Kijimuna. It is unusual for a man to be covered by a female Kijimuna. A person who is attacked by a Kijimuna can't move or breath.

Kijimuna is a good fisherman. IF a person becomes Kijimuna's friend,it takes that person on it's back and flies over the mountains and the sea. Kijimuna hates it when humans break wind. If a person breaks wind on Kijimuna's back,he or she is thrown off, over the mountains and the sea, and their skin is sprayed with poison.


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